How TV Series Dictate Fashion

When any new idea of a film or a series starts to bud, every producer is already trying to determine the key to its inevitable success. Everybody bets on one’s own specific feature that will take the audience by storm. Some people are open to experiments and others prefer to rely on experience.
Now we’d like to draw your attention to a tendency that is becoming more and more popular year by year. Due to this tendency, movies win Oscars and famous fashion designersget inspiration for new collections.

5It gave birth to a completely new caste of modern style experts. Nowadays housekeepers are the best critics and stylists.

As you may have already guessed, we’re talking about fashion. Yes, about the fashion that contemporary movies and series are dictating. Sometimes images turn out to be the factor of success every creator is dreaming about. The costumes come into particular prominence and eclipse everything, from the idea to actors’performance. In these days, it is especially important, because there is so much information around that our brains overload. A picture is the one and only thing that still can attract people and get their attention.

The history of high fashion in movies datesbackto the fiftieths. Everything started when legendary Givenchy won his Oscar for Best Costume Designin Sabrina. Don’t forget the ingenious Breakfast at Tiffany’s– that’s where the vogue of little black dresses began. Thanks to those movies, unsurpassed Audrey Hepburn became a fashion icon.

There were so many experiments since that time (from bandages on naked bodies to extravagant and elegant costumes of the ladies of London). But in this article we’d like to pay tribute to the most bright, bold, stylish, and memorable images that, without a twinge of conscience, can say that they are making history.

sex-and-the-cityAll the male members of the top-management chose Lucky Luciano from famous series Boardwalk Empire as their style icon. Men attempted not only to imitate the business acumen of this character, but also to try on his fashion. Even nowadays not every man looks so stylish. Of course, nobody is wearing boutonnieres, but chequered suits are still in fashion.

What about women? Of course, it would be a mistake not to mention the iconic Sex and the City.

Costume designer Patricia Field created bright, unusual, and memorable costumes for the main character Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker). All Carrie’s besties looks were also created by Patricia.

Sex and the City had enormous influence on the world fashion. The show has created so many trends over the years. Among them are stilettos, great coats, flower pins, initial necklaces. And it is not the whole list!

If you look at the latest Oscar winners, at first you’ll think that their fashion varies greatly from the oldest one.But if you pay more attention, you’ll see that it is still the good old classics.

grand bydapestYes, one would hardly wear the purple livery of the Concierge in The Grand Budapest Hotel, but classical costumes in the same tone are there in many men’s collections in 2016.

A couple of years ago TV series Gossip Girl became the Bible of style for all schoolgirls and students.

Banal story line was out shined by stylish and bright looks. All the girls dreamt about being like Blair or Serena. Each girl tried to pile up money to buy such beautiful dress or at least make it herself. Lead fashion houses (such as Valentino), in their turn, at once presented different variations based on school uniforms like in Gossip Girlin their collections. The actors of the series were the people who promoted them.

While watching Game of Thrones or The Hunger Games you immediately imagine all these dresses on a red carpet. This is true, because Hollywood A-list stars and their designers use these films as a plentiful source of inspiration. Ordinary girls are waiting for a chance to wear similar dresses and to wow others completely. These ways of fashion are still popular. It won’t be a surprise if The Hunger Games wins the Oscar this time.

game of thronesIf you’re creating a look, you should pay attention to shoes. Those accessories are very important for every person (from fairy-tale princesses to modern business-ladies). Carrie from Sex and the City and her magnificent Manolo Blanics is one of the brightest examples. It is impossible to imagine Carrie without her stilettos.By the way, stilettos became very popular thanks to this character.

What about TV industry? Dorothy’s famous ruby shoes became the most expensive pair ever. The copy of them cost 1.6 million Euro. We thinkit could be a rather good way to cover production costs by launching batch production.

With no help of shoes,British women were caught by the chaste style of The Downtown Abbey, which is full of aristocratic elegancy. This series became for them a real style adviser.

By the way, it is necessary to note that the fashion of the last decades or even centuries is now coming back! These style trends are obvious in new BBC screening of War and Peace. The most gorgeous clothes completed with elegant jewelry keep viewers glued to their screens.

As Edward said, “Jewelry is still all about impact and making a statement. For me in War and Peace it’s a great way to accessorize the very simple gowns that we wanted to create – free from too much surface decoration and unnecessary ornamentation.”

war and peace

Edward K Gibbon, the costume designer, combined traditional looks of that time with modern and fresh fashion tendencies. All the looks that were created are incredible. It wouldn’t be a surprise if soon we see women in such dresses on the streets of our cities.

Everybody knows that housewives are the main audience of TV series. You should notice that housewives constitute a third part of the whole world population! An incredible number of people! They became modern experts in world fashion, which they study by the movies.

It is very convenient to dictate the high fashion through TV series. Also it comes withgreat responsibility, without a doubt. It is one of the best marketing tools to popularize your product (both for male and female audience). If you decide to bet on costumes, you must find a very talented fashion designer to become you co-producer. It can be a smart decision, beneficial for both sides.

It is also very important to create costumes that would suit ordinary women. The main thing in the process is not to forget about acting and producing.

It would be even better if you create a special blog with all the details about your character’s look. You can tell how a woman could make the same dress by herself or, at least, where she could buy something similar. Believe us: it would only double your audience. Because every woman wants to be beautiful and attractive, especially if she associates herself with any series character. We are greatly surprised that none of the world productions have created such a blog. It is necessary to use all ways to recover production costs.

This article won`t be complete without the expert opinion. Our expert is one of the most famous and successful Ukrainian designers Andre Tan. He invented the Smart Couture style.

Now eminent designer Andre Tan likes to say that it was hard work to become successful. The ability to dream helped him succeed.

What could he say about fashion in TV series and films?

About work on TV series or movies.

Now I am focused on creation of my new collections. It is a very special feeling when I see the clothes I made on real people when they walk down the street, ride the subway, the cars or come to the celebration.

But I am experienced in working with film production. The movie “Rzhevsky against Napoleon” is one of the most interesting examples. It is a comedy, some kind of historical fiction. I think, the result surpassed all hopes. This film is very cheeky, funny and stylish. That`s what we underlined with costume design.

About modern stylish TV series.

Now “Scream Queens” is the most discussed and popular TV series. Of course, it intended on western target audience. However, I am quite sure that “Scream Queens” has very good, talented and professional stylists. I keep watching this series only because of fashionable looks of main characters. Even despite the fact that they have bloody hands, they always wear pink fur coats and mint green. (Andre laughs)

About modellers who succeeded in film costume design

It seems to me that Jean-Paul Gaultier most clearly displayed his own style in the movie “5th Element”. These flight attendants with a cone-shaped bodice made to excite the imagination of so many men. And indeed, Jean-Paul worked on every look by his own, so you could feel his irony in every detail. The second film, which impressed me a lot is a film “Dolls”. This film I watched only because of costumes made by Yohji Yamamoto. Beautiful clothes in the divine entourage – this game is definitely worth the candle.

About ways to create the look everybody would like to copy

If you want your looks being copied, they have to be extra-extraordinary and mixed with street fashion – that’s when it gets mad resonance with the public. Proof: Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent have been always inspired by streetstyle. Now it is a separate area, If you`d like your show to be remembered, it should contains a symbiosis of extraordinary crazy looks with clothes that is ready-to-wear.

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