Bret`s Cinema Dream

Today we are talking with Bret Green about his American dream or better to say his Cinema dream. We will look behind the curtains of serials life trying to find out what does it mean to be an actor and play at the serials. Meet Bret and his story.

6Bret, please tell us how did you start of your career. What was your first role and how did you get it?

The first role I booked when I got to LA was a co-starring role on How to Get Away with Murder. My agent got me the audition and I had actually met the casting associate a week prior at a networking event. I can proudly say I was fortunate enough to begin my career with a scene with Viola Davis, who’s the best in the business in my opinion. That was the most nervous I’ve ever been on set!

What difficulties are faced by young actors when starting their professional careers in the USA?

It’s hard to get someone to take on a chance on an unknown actor but I think a good mix of preparation and persistence goes a long way. Unfortunately, money gets in the way of a lot of dreams, but if you get creative, you can barter and trade services with other artists (headshots, demo reels, etc.) until you can find steady work as an actor.

Which episodes of “The Inspectors” were the most difficult for you and why?

The first couple of episodes of the first season were probably the most difficult because none of us had been those characters yet, but a few episodes in we all really understood our characters on a much deeper level and I think the show benefited from it. Harrison, Erica and I all agreed that it was important for the Jamestown gang to be believable as best friends. We spent a lot of time outside of work getting to know each other and became really good friends in the process.

Are there some other countries, outside of USA, that you would like to work in? Why?

I’d love to work internationally. I think Australia and New Zealand would be amazing, as well as anywhere in Europe. I wouldn’t mind shooting on a small island somewhere either.

What genre do you prefer the most?

love comedy and drama equally. I’m naturally more goofy than serious so it’s fun to tap into that in comedies, but I also enjoy touching on heavier topics as well because those require a lot more imagination.

What is your dream role?

I’d really love to play a lawyer. Not only because I wanted to be a lawyer when I was a kid, but also because of the wardrobe. I wouldn’t complain if I had to wear a new suit every day.

What director would you most like to work with and why?

For TV, I’d say David Nutter. Almost all of the pilot episodes he has directed have gotten picked up to series, so I’d love to work with him and study his directing style. It seems interesting to me.

How do you think what makes you unique as an actor?

I’m me. No one else can say that. I think it’s super important to bring a lot of yourself to your characters because no else can do that as well as you can. When the scene calls for it, I typically try to be as natural as possible and bring a bit of lightheartedness to the scene.

There’s a belief that so many girls want to be actresses when they grow up, but young boys wanting to pursue acting is often not thought about. Why do you think it’s like that? Do you think girls and boys want to pursue acting for different reasons?

I think all people who pursue acting do it for different reasons, not just girls and boys. Some want to be successful, some want to be rich, and some want to be famous. If the belief that “girls pursue acting sooner than boys” is in fact true, my best guess would be that girls simply mature quicker than boys. And some people also grow up in communities where the arts aren’t appreciated as much as other activities, like sports and other clubs, so students aren’t encouraged to pursue it, which is sad.

Do you have any advice for foreign actors who want to work for major US networks like CBS and ABC?

Look for a good agent and work on your acting. You can’t sit around and wait for something to happen so, if you really want it, you just need to flip the switch in your mind and go for it

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on set?

I think the hardest I laugh on set is in between scenes when I’m hanging out with Harrison and Erica. Harrison does a spot on impersonation of Denzel Washington and Erica has a handful of accents that kill me. Both of them are hilarious.

“The Inspectors” is a drama series set in Washington, D.C., inspired by real-life crime cases handled by the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS). In the series Green plays Preston Wainwright, a college freshman who is confined to wheelchair and is a brilliant intern at the USPIS crime lab. Preston was severely injured in a car accident that also claimed the life of his father. Now when home life and professional life collide, Preston is determined to join the USPIS and walk again, all while navigating his way through his freshman year of college. Preston works as an intern alongside his U.S. Postal Inspector mom, Amanda. Together they solve crimes involving internet scams, identity and mail theft, and consumer fraud.  “The Inspectors” is the only scripted drama on Saturday morning programming and the only show on network television that features a physically challenged lead character. The series strives to educate young people about making the right choices in life, encouraging open communication between kids and parents, and delivers positive messages about living with disabilities, overcoming challenges, and the power of perseverance. Season 2 premiered on CBS on October 1, 2016 in the United States.  Green was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI. He is the youngest of five children. Shortly after completing his Bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University (broadcast journalism), Green took a marketing job in Scottsdale, AZ. It did not take long for him to realize that the corporate business world was not for him. He packed up his car and made the move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Within a year of finding representation, Green made his network television debut on the first season of ABC’s hit series “How to Get Away With Murder”. He has also guest-starred on The CW’s “Jane The Virgin”, CBS’ “Stalker” and ABC’s “The Goldbergs”.

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