Challenging, but very exciting plans for 2018


How has MK-Distribution’s offer evolved in recent months?

I think that by the end of the year all companies try to complete all the projects that were started and surprise in 2018 by launching the new ones, which are more complex and interesting.
What we all want is to set a new level of development!


MK Media Group is not an exception: our in-house production MeetMinds Studio has completed the edutainment program for kids “Mouse Science” (13×11 min), edutainment titles for the whole family “Materials for Life” (26×7 min) and “Who’s there?” (12×11 min) made in co-production. Mouse Science was sold to the top international channels (the deals will be announced a bit later). Materials for Life and “Who’s there?” were sold at an early stage. Of course, sales of the rights to these programs have not yet covered the whole world, so it will be goal #1 for MK-Distribution, our distribution company.
Do not forget about our large catalogue which is full of high-quality and top-rating content of our production, as well as the one provided by our reliable partners.
Global goal #2 is to expand cooperation in co-production and pre&post production areas. As I said, in 2018 MeeetMinds Studio is to launch a few new projects and some of them will be made in co-production. MeetMinds Studio acts in 2 directions: production of TV projects (content with episodes over 7 minutes long) and Digital projects (1 episode from 2 to 5 minutes long, which is perfect for digital rights). We are open and always ready to consider interesting and analyzed projects/ideas to be developed by our studio!
The launch of the pre&post production was another decision very important for MK Media Group. Having gained tremendous experience in creating our own projects, we have got ready to do a part or full set of works for other production studios and TV channels. So in 2018 we are going to attract clients to this direction.
As for the third goal, MK Media Group aims to establish closer communication with the media, since we have been running the online media platform MediaOwl for a long time. We are going to collect interviews and useful information for our platform, communicate with colleagues in the media area and other publishers. MediaOwl will be glad to expand the cooperation, share experience and achievements of professionals from different regions of the world!

What are the main challenges that television market presents to you? Where do you think the focus of the industry will be next few months?

A lot of professionals find the market now full of equal numbers of demands and impressively high-quality proposals. That is why one can say we are living in a golden era of TV. Firstly, the marketplace became crowded with buyers from emerged platforms. At the same time, the some of them are only on their way to set up prices according to the market standards and expectations. For distributors it sometimes causes a dilemma between signing deals with platforms for overall international rights or keep some territories for local deals. The challenge is complemented by decreasing ad budgets, which leads to smaller fee proposals from broadcasters. Secondly, the year of 2017 brought deals of consolidation between major players and probably more are to come in 2018. Thus few companies seem to control a rather large market share of the overall output. We adhere to the opinion that while causing a threat to smaller and middle-sized businesses, such tendency among big players creates opportunities for them if niche strategies are implemented. Own high-quality production development, focus on particular genres or type of programs and co-production with trusted partners can lead to strong position despite of the market situation.
So, if considering the status of market as a temporary balance with portion of uncertainty of what will happen within next few months, MK Media Group chooses the niche strategy and I hope it will bring us positive outcomes. 2018 is bound to continue the golden era of TV.

What are the goals of MK Media Group for 2018?

We expect that 2018 will be a breakthrough for MK Media Group. We have been preparing to it since last quarter of 2017. There have been a lot of internal and external changes in the company. The first thing we determined is a clear positioning: with each of our partners we create a friendship with its unique story. It is a slogan for all our group which implies service rising to a high level and the aim to build friendly strong relationships with all companies we negotiate with.
Naturally, this cannot be achieved without improving the quality of produced content. Therefore, we plan to increase the power and complexity of MeetMinds Studio’s projects. We have chosen the niche, the genre of edutainment. The focus will give us the opportunity to understand all the nuances and peculiarities that without a doubt will have a positive effect on the quality of the product.
At the moment, we are considering such topics of new projects as science achievements, a historical educational project for children, underwater world, pets, cooking.
Besides, co-production with reliable partners will allow us to exchange experience, expand opportunities and horizons!
By the end of 2017, MK-Distribution won the trust of the major channels, selling them content of own production. Next year we aim to add major players to the list of partners. As a result, MK Media Group plans to receive requests for producing projects for large TV channels and platforms. This is a very global goal, but in 2018 we want to get as close to it as possible.
We see a great perspective in the new direction of pre&post production, this project inspires us. We are ready to help production studios and TV channels in search for large amount of high-quality content they need.
To sum up, I can say that 2018 will be challenging, but very exciting and productive for MK Media Group. Our plans are grandiose and we have a clear plan for implementing them.
I wish all players of our media market to achieve their goals. We are always glad to see new friends among our partners. See you at markets! Our sales and acquisitions team will be happy to meet and please you by always bright catalogue and warm communication.

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