The secrets of success from the Fox TV CHANNELS

Fox is a Spanish television channel owned by Fox International. The channel broadcasts American imports with both Spanish and English audio soundtracks that meet exacting standards and customers require. Recently the channel is at the top of its success and the main goal is to keep the same level of ratings. Fox always is very attentive to its audience demands and expectations and tries to accommodate all their whiwhes at the channels strategy at the same time taking into consideration statistical figures for making the final decisions. Daniel Perez, Director of Programming and Purchasing, shares the secrets of success with us.

What is the secret of the effectiveness of your channel feed today?

A good selection of content, combining strong and popular franchises with brand defining shows that puts Fox as a referent in entertainment in the TV business

How do you choose the content for prime time? What criteria do you use?

We work with two genres for prime time: series and feature films. In terms of films we always look for strong blockbusters, easily recognized for the audience. Regarding series we create our prime time plan with the more mainstream content in the slots with more consumption. We have a deep knowledge of the market, trends and – even programming is not an exact science – we have enough tools for creating a successful prime time

What programs give you the highest rankings now?

The Walking Dead, Last Man on Earth, X Files, NCIS LA, Bones, a combination of classic procedurals that usually works well in our market with worldwide big franchises like The Walking Dead and X Files.

How much more expensive, in percentage, is the content that you show from 19:00 to 23:00 than the content broadcast the rest of the time?

Our pay TV model is not based on content for prime time separated of the day time. We use prime time content also for other slots, so it’s complicate to talk about percentages of investment in each slot

When planning your feed, do you think about the content source country? How important is it?

Our schedule is built mainly with US content. Local scripted production is more successful in free TV and pay TV viewer is more receptive to the US shows

How do you make decisions about the content before purchasing? How do you determine what would be relevant and in demand and what wouldn’t? What is the deciding factor in your choice?

First of all, when we are going to acquire of content we analyze which are the lacks of the channel, what show has been cancelled, its profile and how to keep the same kind of viewer for its replacement. Once we have screened the content we also take in consideration where this product is going to be scheduled in US, when, the competition, etc. With all this information we are more comfortable to decide if the show is good for our channel or not.

What percentage of your feed is taken by your own products? Why is this so? And what is the content?

FNG has a strong international structure that co-produce and acquires worldwide rights for Fox channels. Currently we are working with 4-5 titles per year including The Walking Dead, Outcast or Wayward Pines. All this series are brand defining shows that have a lot of marketing effort behind, we premiere at the same time in all the markets and they have strongly contributed to the success of the channels around the world

What do you plan to bet on for the second half of 2016? How do the expectations of your audience influence your choice?

Now we are mainly waiting for what will happen in L.A Screening and take our programming decisions through this. Our main goal is to keep the same level of ratings in our channel, because we are now living an extremely good moment and we need to maintain them. We always listen our audience demands and expectations and we try to accommodate them in our strategy because there are a lot of “silent” audience that is a regular viewer of the channel but they are not actively in communication with us. For this reason we always take on mind the figures and the opinions for taking the final decisions

What changes have occurred in the channel feed principles in the past few years in your country?

Last years have been really exciting in our market. All the non-linear consumptions has completely changed the model of the channels, the type of content in the schedules, the ratings analysis and also the channels have strongly improved the timings for premiering the content, being close to US or UK premieres, trying to avoid piracy. We are living the best moment in terms of penetration and the entertainment is also living its best moment in terms of number of series and quality. So, go the market and find the best product for our channel is a challenge because there are hundreds of series that people are expecting or talking about

What percentage of the content cost is really paid back by the advertisement today?

We play in a market where pay TV has a 30% of penetration, so it’s really complicate to find advertising investment for paying the content. We have started to work in branded content but the reality is that we are still far to find a model where the strategic content would be paid with advertising.

In your opinion, what content is lacking now, and manufacturers would benefit from producing it?

I think that local scripted production on pay TV is one of the big lacks in our market, but it’s an expensive format and we need to be sure of doing it without too many risks.

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