Season Screen TV Review. Issue 7


Is there the Book of Rules that will lead you and your company to success? There is one. But only if you’ve written the one by yourself. And you keep on writing. As each process has its own life cycle: if we talk about business, that is Idea, Product, Characters (everyone who is involved in the business creation process), Code (of relationship between the partners and positioning of your company). This process has the ability to be updated and to start each time in new shapes and forms, but if you stop at any of these stages, your Book of Success will come to an end.

It’s clear that we are all looking only forward, and all the time each of us is adding new pages at the end of the first volume of personal history, or files it in archive and creates a new one. Eternal tending of its creator is the will to note less failure moments on each of new pages. Therefore, in order to avoid potential mistakes, everyone is trying to learn other people’s archival records. This surely makes sense – you won’t do the mistakes of someone else, and remembering that experience you may avoid or evade such mistakes.
In this issue, we will try to collect the most diverse experience and tell you about the possible obstacles and their solution with small losses. Sincere answers of our speakers will have a special value for you, if you are working at an international level. We hope that the most of information will really help you to make sure of correctness of your decisions and strategies developed.

It’s such a time now when our life cycle transfers into a new form, and starting from 2017 we will become known as «MediaCompass» publishing house. The publishing house that is aimed to help the management to make right management decisions, telling about the experience of foreign colleagues, providing an important analytics, telling about global trends and tendencies, as well as discovering new talents and new possibilities.

Make sure you stand in the right direction and go!