9 Years = 9 Presents For You!

On 20st of October MK Media Group is celebrating its 9th anniversary. The most precious presents for us are TIME and KNOWELEDGE.
Due to birthday of MK we decided to ask you give us a present: 5 min of your time. In return we will share with you experience of famous companies/brands in promotion and advertising.
Hope you will enjoy and even will find new ideas for your business!

What do you need for splendid promo? The latest technologies and pot of money? Well, if you have such, congratulations! But not necessarily. You need idea, story and few techniques:

  • Metaphor and analogy
  • Double meaning or play on words
  • Parody
  • Emotion
  • Contrast and comparison
  • Multilevel communication

1. Multilevel communication is like you knock on more than one door of viewer’s mind (and he opens, of course).

Case: GOLF Channel
Budget: 25USD and 6 levels of interaction

The producer of Golf channel had a task to create a promo for training program “Golf Academy”. Quite restricted task. But not for him.

LEVEL 1. The film #1 in USA of that time was “Apollo 13”. The producer used this film for making parody while being on tail of “Apollo 13” success.

LEVEL 2. “Huston, we have a problem”. Familiar? Of course, there was no person that wouldn’t know this phrase! Golf channel used parody mentioning in promo the problem with wrong swing.
Like you could have got clear Golf channel didn’t have much money. The channel made request for NASA (!) in order to get free video materials of real program “Apollo”. This is a common practice, because under American law, every taxpayer has free access to materials from government agencies like NASA. Could you imagine that in one real program “Apollo” (Apollo 14) one of astronauts (Alan Shepard) really took a golf club and played a ball on the lunar surface! LEVEL 3.

One of trainer of program “Gold Academy” (that according to script of promo urgently was transmitted to Moon for teaching a proper technique of swing) previously was engineer and worked at NASA. LEVEL 4.

LEVEL 5 (Double meaning). Promo showed what benefit can be obtained: you can improve your golf game at a level as if the task of astronaut depended on it.

Finally, the well-known phrase “It isn’t rocket science” was used with a small correction. The flight of the ball in golf still has to do with ballistics, that is why, in fact, the astronauts carried out this experiment under conditions of low gravity. The phrase “Because golf IS rocket science” became a last LEVEL 6 and closed the loop connecting sale (purpose of promo) and the art in one perfect script.

This promo got gold award of PROMAX

2. Metaphor and Analogy

Channel Lifetime in order to get ahead of competitors and become first to hook their audience (women), began a new television season in September instead of August. For that purpose, a number of promotional videos was developed. One of them used the following analogy: “Why does the fall season of Lifetime begin a month earlier? Girls grow up faster.”

3. Parody (One of the most favorite techniques because generally it touches powerful emotional string) and Comparison

Comedy Central made a parody on negative political advertising that pour mud on a competitor. In their promos channel “leaves competitors in tatters”: Travel channel (“We are against the fact people are kicked out from their homes”) or Weather channel (“It’s cold today, it’s hot tomorrow … what is their true position?”). The promo company has been conducting in the pre-election period with the background of all political advertising, an obvious comparison, which, of course, increased the impact. What was the reaction of “criticized” channels? They laughed all without exception even asking the copies of promo for the archives. Why? At first, they were not direct competitors or not competitors at all (totally different niches). Secondly, promo videos were made elegant and with a good sense of humor. In fact, it became a good free advertising for those channels too.

Talking about today’s practice we add more 6 distinguished promos: some with social goal, some with pure commercial, some are 2-in-1. Enjoy*!

*and try to figure out the techniques used in them

4. Dove Real Beauty Sketches

5. Always #LikeAGirl

6. BurgerKing – #Newertrustaclown

7. All blacks – Tackle the risk

8. The Smart for four

9. TSN news (1+1) – 20 years

P.S. We wish you to find your key that will make your story unforgettable and admirable!

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BONUS. In selection of promo the book of Lee Hunt about air promotion and media branding was used (but it is only in Russian version). However, you can visit his website and find much more info


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